Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today isn’t a normal Tuesday. No. It’s Super Tuesday.

Today we find out how tolerant the USA is. And whether a young Irishman named Bearach O’Bama can reach the highest levels of American politics.

I am distracting you, of course, from one of the many limited overs matches in the England-New Zealand series. England begun their campaign today, on Super Tuesday, in Auckland in the first twenty-20 match.

I’m trying not to sound bored by the whole thing, I really am.

England managed a hearty 184 for eight in their twenty overs and, at the moment, the Kiwis are 94 for seven and destined for near-certain defeat. KP whacked 43 off 23; Ryan Hairybottom has taken 2-12, including the wickets of captain-keeper Brenda McCullum and LRPL Taylor.

But England are making it so hard to care these days. Or perhaps it’s the ICC. This is the first of two twenty-20 matches, which are part of limited overs series spanning seven matches.

I can sort of understand this excessive number against a proper side, like India, but New Zealand? The land where sheep out-number people 16 to one? What are they thinking?

So, I’ll be doing my usual thing of keeping a vague eye on the one-dayers, but saving up my hopeful praying to the English gods of Desperate Draws and Barrel-Scraping Wins.

Compare this to the recently started Six Nations rugby union championship. We haven’t seen England lose since months ago, but watching them lose again this weekend was a nostalgic and rewarding experience. It was fun, if depressing. Why? Because international rugby matches are rare, and that makes them special.

I know King Cricket has made the same point before, and I know I have referred to that fact before. There are just as many “too much cricket – moan moan moan” posts as one-day internationals.

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