Friday, December 12, 2008

Wronged Radio

Right. First things first. Who turned the cricket off?

Us Englanders in Germany used to follow live cricket over the radio. TMS, it seemed, was available to the entire world.

This was the case yesterday, when I woke up and, as is my want, listened to cricket in bed whilst breakfasting of muesli. A German AND English experience. The cultures are compatible.

Today, these simple pleasures in life, that all of us enjoy, were taken from me as cruelly an abruptly as a Bolivian grabs a child’s hamster to prepare in their dastardly Rodent Gravy.

Instead, I had to listen to BBC “We Don’t Do Adverts, We Only Constantly Spam The Airwaves With Trailers To Programmes You’ll All Probably Hate Anyway” rubbish.


So, now I’m at work, and, consequently, in my usual angry mood (the Finance Department is being a right pain – but you know how finance people are, right?) following the OBO coverage, but without the usual colour and romance that TMS adds to my mornings.

Oh bastards in the BBC. If you were here, I’d give you a right going over with this pile of invoices and reimbursements claims, I would. Then, and only then, would you realise the wrong you have done.

Next item on the agenda: Graeme Swann, another player who hails from Burkina Faso or wherever, shoved in an England kit, given a few “patriotic” tattoos and thrown into the team. Why oh why, I have no idea. He is not one of my favourites. He, along with KP, Pratty Prior forms England’s Axis of Evil.

I mean, we know all foreigners are terrorists, so why are we letting them in the England side? To ease surveillance?

Anyway, just to cap off my bad mood, he’s only gone and bloody fluked two wickets in his first over of test cricket. Not only does this mean that he’s probably pushed Monty out of the spinner slot for about a year, but apparently, no other decent cricketer has ever done this before.

Why don’t the amazing blokes do amazing things, whereas the dreary, rubbishy geezers breeze through test cricket without a hitch. This explains a lot about the powers of Finance.


Suave said...

To be fair to the lad, he was born in Northampton. Not sure how close that is to Burkino Faso, but I think it's quite far!

Spigot said...

do these streams not work?

I *think* that the international version is assigned when you load the webpage itself, so there are two feeds you can use directly, UK only or international, irrelevant of where you are, and it just hopes that you don't figure that out. maybe.

The Atheist said...

Spigot, if this works, you will become my god. Maybe even an OFFICIAL GOD.

Ceci said...

hahhahhahhaha! My cursing you for your dislike of the one True Chosen Swann has worked on the beeb. Am sending evil vibes Spig's way too for attempting to alleviate your misery

Mel said...

I take it you didn't shine at geography whilst at school, Atheist? Last time I looked, Towcester was a long bike ride from Burkino Faso.

I'm sending evil vibes to Spig too, but that's now just a part of my daily routine.

The Atheist said...

Thanks for the bad voojoo, girls.

Spig, thanks for the links, but they didn't work. No more TMS for me.

And, all of a suddent, life looses all meaning.

but don't quote me on that said...

Late to the party, but I think you'll find it's only overseas matches that are restricted to UK listeners (I'm fairly sure it's due to broadcasting rights stuff that's outside the BBC's control). You *should* be able to listen in to the Ashes next summer.