Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finally, people have come to their senses

At last, someone is placing personal interests over collective benefit. Some dodgy company I’ve never heard of, has threatened to bring down the entire Stanford circus, unless it gets its way.


This company, Dulux, or something, came out of nowhere and insisted that it should receive all the proceeds to the up-and-coming Caribbean shambles. Apparently, they're the official paint of the West Indies team, and got the House of Lords to agree to their insane demands.

Lord Denning, in his judgment, stated,

“There shall be no whitewash in the cricket.”

Previously, Allen Wankford had argued that the Windies’ sponsors were nothing more than weenies. When the Dulux Dog (team mascot and number three) heard this, he was said to be livid.

“I’m livid, me.”

But now things have resolved themselves with the natural ease of most problems in a free market economy. Bastardford held a jubilant press conference after the compromise was hammered out:

“I have wired a huge amount of money to the Dulux Dog. He has accepted this gesture with the kindness with which it was given, and now we will proceed to walk over all those who stand before us.”


Edladd said...

Yeah, the Digicel owner is an all-round nice guy, bailed out the Irish cricket and soccer teams on occasion. Incidentally his hairdo isn't dissimilar to the Dulux dog -

There's a link in that post to the cricket story too.

Damith S. said...

That dulux dog is still alive ? How?

Ps- How bout a link exchange mate? Cheers

SixSixEight said...

I read this at work yesterday - and I just thought it was so funny! It really made my day. More more more!

The dulux dog is on the same stuff as Lassie.