Saturday, June 07, 2008

He’s back

Sorry about my long absence, work sent me far away. When you’re working to ten at night, the demands of your readers are low down on your list.


So! Cricket! All sorts of travails have been produced by this match. During the latest England/New Zealand test match, I have already experienced my full emotional gamut, from A-B.

You see, the only thing worse than the failings of one of your favourites, is the success of one your less favourite players.

The press this morning is going mad about James Anderson. For years and years, this bloke does bugger all. He goes for loads and he keeps Chris Tremlett out of the side for literally months.

Clearly, Anderson is a gimp.

And then, on hopefully his last ever test match, the bugger emerges from incompetence and blows away New Zealand’s finest with an excellent spell of pitched-up, fast and hooping swing bowling.

He took the first six Kiwian wickets. Obviously, Tremmers would have taken seven, but now it’ll be another year before Anderson’s inherent uselessness drives him from the side in favour of the Hampshire monster.

The worst aspect of media coverage this morning is the “ten wicket” stuff. Anderson has to take four more wickets before he takes ten. That’s mathematics. The press, however, have decided to ignore this, and talk up Anderson’s impending elevation in history.

The radio just interviewed Ottis the Aardvark. He said that if the ball behaves amphibiously then Anderson could take the full ten. If the ball does that, I’d be impressed if Anders managed one. In fact, I’m generally astounded is he takes any wicket.

Anyway, it’s back to reality soon. Misery will return one South Africa and their good players get at us.

Back to the misery of commuting for me too. The worst thing I had to worry about last week as remembering to put my trousers on as the room service lady brought my dinner. A surprisingly difficult ask.


Jrod said...

Why would you put your pants on?

Suave said...

I never put my pants on, that's their perk!

Dave said...

I'm glad Anderson didn't get 10, because people might think he was as good as Anil Kumble, which he isn't. He's only marginally better than Ajit Agarkar, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not glad he beat Sidebottom's 7/47, though. Twat.

Catherine said...

Well I like Anderson. So there.

Miriam said...

What were you doing with your pants off in a hotel room to start with? What kind of "work" IS this?

The Atheist said...

Trousers! People, trousers!

There's a world of difference between poncing about with no trousers and walking around with no pants.

One is a criminal offence, the other is the very picture of respectability.