Monday, April 14, 2008

Wisden’s Famous Five

Regular readers of AYALAC will know me to be a quiet, retiring sort of chap, who is loathed to give his opinion on many matters. Today, I will break that vow of polite reticence and give forth upon Wisden’s five bested cricketers of yesteryear went.

1. Ian Bell
How this he-goblin sneaked into the final five, the deranged and possibly power-mad new editor of Wisden alone knows. Perhaps it reflects the desperate dearth of batting talent in our nation side? Perhaps it’s an arrangement with a bookie?

2. Zaheer Kahn The only thing you need to know about Zaheer Khan is that he isn’t Anil Kumble. And even that is too much. Stupid left-arm seamers. They aren’t spinners. We wants spinners! Spinners that can captain and be resplendent. Zaheer Khan satisfies very few of these demands. I’ll put him down as another bookie boy.

3. Shiverine Chanderpaul This first of the Wisden Five to hold my approval. Bowling against Chanders is like playing Scrabble against Mr Memory from The 39 Steps – the only way to triumph is by shooting him. Unfortunately, the usually creative Michael Vaughan did not attempt this timeworn tactic.

4. Otis Gibson This was a left-field choice. Could me another bookie boy, but I doubt it. It smacks more of blackmail than corruption. Sure, the part-time kids’ show presenter had a great 2007, but so did Foot And Mouth Disease, and we don’t want to replicate that. Of course, he managed ten in an innings once, but so did the Indian captain, which again, underlines Otis the Aardvark's problem: he’s not Anil Kumble.

5. Ryan Hairybottom
Now then. Here we go. A real heavyweight. He is now, more or less, England’s only bowler. He made Steve “Cheap at half the price” Harmison looked daft. More so. And the Hoggard for Captain crew are unusually hushed. Siders has emerged from the county scene like a school bully graduating into the world of office management. He is perfectly placed scoff at the accountants for another year yet.


Jrod said...

Ottis looks really good in that pic.

Suave said...


Nice work old boy...

I saw Steve Kirby wants to emulate Sidebottom. Now there's a man who doesn't need to fake being angry, unlike hairy, who's really just a big ole puppy dawg.

If Kirby has a great season, I wouldn't mind seeing him in The England, as he's a crazy, mean, ugly, quick.
That's how they used to make em, so I hear.

D Charlton said...

Hate to be serious, but problem with five wisden cricketers of year is they can only win it once, making the whole thing farcical and flawed - see Ian Bell.

The great Anil Kumble won it in 1996.

Bell got booed on receiving his award at the annual Wisden dinner.

raoul said...

It may perhaps be unwise to point out that Hairybottom, just like Zaheer Khan, is a "stupid left-arm seamer" as you so eloquently put it.