Sunday, April 20, 2008

Name That Bum #7

Same rules as always, you have to identify the international cricketer in the shots below. Please give you answers in the comments.

Winners will have a poem written in their honour.

Today's bum has been nominated by Catherine. Know her mind and you shall have the answer.

Good luck, and good bumming.

Clue One

Clue Two

Clue Three

Can you...NAME THAT BUM?


Dave said...

Holly Colvin?

Presumably this represents Catherine's best chance yet of finally getting one right.

John said...

Michael Vaughan

Jrod said...

Arjuna ranatunga

Catherine said...

I'm not going to guess! That would be very unfair seeing as I nominated the bum.

Dave said...

It would be something of an unfair advantage.

Is it Alistair Cook?

Bobo148 said...

Alec Stewart

Margery said...

Ian Bell?

TomG said...

Is it Jonesy (Geraint)? I remember him having a big arse for his size. Best arse to body size ratio by an England keeper I reckon.

The Atheist said...

That's riiiiight!

Tom G has produced the correct answer. Congratulations.