Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Name that Bum #4: Answer

Alright you smug buggers, yesterday’s Name That Bum was a bit easy. It was, of course, Sir Viv.

But you have made a rod for your own collective backs: next week I’ll select some random first class player from South Africa in the sixties. And you all will fail.

And only one person will be laughing. “Ha ha” I will say, “Ha ha ha”.

And you will cry tears of shame. Tears of shame, ya hear!

So, on a brighter note, well done House Monkey for correctly guessing the answer. Here’s your poem:

There once was a House Monkey who guessed,
The correct answer to yesterday’s test,
He has some sort of site,
Which seems quite alright,
It would improve if more people undressed,

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I can't believe I missed name that bum! I really want to win so I can get that poem... Please don't make it too hard next time.