Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video 8: The Vaughan Identity

Full highlights from the second test match between New Zealand.

Sorry about the delay in posting this. Chocolate Easter Eggs got in my way


King Cricket said...

It's an epic. I am, once again, staggered.

Will fruit be replacing blu-tack on a permanent basis or is this a one-off?

Catherine said...

A tense thriller. I was gripped. Also nearly died of laughter when I read the title, saw you were using real kiwis and saw Kevin Pietersen as an orange.

Is next one to be done using creme eggs?

Ben said...

Sheep on the outfield. *chortle*

Brilliant, but rather...creepy. I think you may have had too much sugar this weekend.

Andrew said...


Suave said...

If that doesn't win an oscar next year, then I'm a left arm chinaman.

Miss Field said...

Minor observations, was someone trying to break into your neighbour's house or were they burying a body in your backyard? Also you have a very nice kitchen sink.

The video itself was so artistic I think some of the meaning was lost on me. But I had to wait all day to watch it, amd it was well worth it.

miriam said...

Another excellent piece of work!

Yes, nice kitchen you've got there.

I liked the facial expressions on the fruit.

The daffodils - you need to change the water frequently otherwise the stems go all slimy and horrid and the smell, when you finally throw them out, will make you gag.

The Atheist said...

Cheers all, glad you enjoyed it.

Missy, you make a number of interesting points. I am suprised that someone has called this "artistic" though! A number of people have mentioned that they found this a little obscure. But. most of it is stolen from films, so perhaps you haven't seen the ones I take the piss out of? I promise you that there's no depth to this...

The men outside were tree surgeons working on next-door's garden. They had to pop over our side occassionally. I'm not sure which was more embarrassing: them knocking on my window whilst I'm messing about with plasticine sheep and fruit, or when they watched me film an apple skewered on a knife walking through the streets, or when they watched me curse the England captain whilst wearing a dressing gown.

The price of art.

Miriam, once again, thank you for the flower up-keep tips.

Gurpal said...

Good video, but Michael Vaughan on the end of knife was slightly scary as was the scene where he ate the blue man. Quite a bit darker then the blu-tac short.

Great video though.