Thursday, February 21, 2008

England win a world cup

Not just any world cup, but the most important one: the Ice World Cup. The above picture is not a summer scene in Chester-le-Street, but Riga, Latvia.

The final of this illustrious tournament was competed between two English sides: Drovers of London and the eventual winners, Brighton and Hove.

It is thought that the Englanders’ natural iciness and familiarity with truly terrible weather equipped them for success in this noble trophy.

Brighton’s captain, Joe Nichols, said in a post-match interview:

“Thanks Christ that’s over with. Hell’s Bells, I’m freezing my elbows off here. Where’s the bar? Dammit man! Get out of my way!”

The Drovers' captain Craig Short said,

"If this is how I feel now after losing that game I can only imagine how the England rugby team felt in Paris after losing a real World Cup Final!"

I’m sure we can all understand his pain. Except for his developing frost-bite. No one can understand that.

The organiser of the tour, Julian Tall insists that the players take no risks,

"We do have to keep it safe, so everybody wears one pad and we play with an indoor ball as a leather one would freeze and become too dangerous."
The competition hasn't been around long, but it has grown rapidly. Nearly every cricket-playing nation have sent a representative. Except for the West Indians, who know better.

“Extreme-cricket” appears to be in this year, after a group of lunatics climbed Everest to play a match last November. A match between the Professional Cricketers Association and their Sherpas was played at over 4000 metres.
Although, according to tour organiser, Nick Compton, the Sherpas “ran an impressive number of quick singles”, the PCA eventually won through superior boundary-finding techniques. Also, knowing the rules helped out too.

Although, it was only a little twenty20 affair, and they played a test match, the Sherpas would win every time.


Miss Field said...

I'd love to see Symonds, Ponting, Clarke, field on ice. As in, an ice playing field.

Jrod said...

Imagine warnes flipper on ice.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the English women's cricket team have just beat Australia in Australia. :)

The Atheist said...

Yes, anonymous cricket girl, I wrote an article about it when it happened.

A few days ago.

miriam said...

Anonymous cricket girl, don't listen to him; you big up the ladies as much as you like.

Biplob Kishore Deb said...

Cricket could be played on ice! I never thought about it, but it seems to be nice and guess it must have an excitement to play cricket on ice. I wish if I could play cricket on ice, but getting a layer of ice on the ground is nearly impossible in the sub-continent.

Thank you for your interesting article.