Thursday, January 10, 2008

West Indies: All your dreams are dead

Well, I say “dead”, it would be more accurate to say “killed”. Borrowing catch-phrases from a fellow internet phenomenon aside, there was something cute about the resurgent West Indies.

Their recent success wasn’t an arrogant dispatching of the Saffers, but a boy’s own tale of team spirit and happy-go-lucky cricket. From this, the world wondered if they could resurrect their 1980s confidence. However, the South Africans effortlessly crushed all these hopes in Durban.

Disappointment is part of the Proteas’ natural game. Much like the Four Eyed Monsters film, which promised heart and quirky charm, but only delivered unendurable, introspective whining. Of course, South Africa don’t so much as whine the elbows off you, but rather, they gradually dismember your optimism, extract your joy for the world and leave your happiness a shrivelled, moist lump.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like this guy, I don’t hate South Africa. They’re not like Australia. It’s just that they’re beating the underdog, indeed, they’re slaying the puppies.

After bowling the Windies out for 132, South Africa finished the day on 213 for 1. Graeme “Smug Saffer Number Seven” Smith managed to biff his day into a rapid century.

Even the creaking and newly recalled Shaun Pollock eased to 4-35 from his 11 overs.

What this means is that the West Indies’ are back to where they were a few months ago: rubbish. OK – they’ve had a few injuries that denied that competitiveness. But, at this level, you have to have some depth in your squad. Depending on a handful of key men will lead to disaster.

I like towels.


straight point said...

you captured it aptly...

after the win one thought that it will trigger the resurgence or at least a process which will put WI on track...

its not the loss but the manner with which they are capitulation is you said it rightly....roobish

Jrod said...

I make you captain of a blogging XI and all i get is this guy.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those puppies..

Graeme Smith eats them for elevenses, the fat arsed, flat track bully.

KP said...

well written..its sad to see end of WI era....after lara left....poor guys...;) but "Everything Good thing must come to an end." I am waiting for australian era to end!

The Atheist said...

Sorry Rod - I didn't see my elevation in your post to lofty captainhood.

It's nice to know that the English dominate your blogging world. Even if we're rubbish at cricket.