Friday, January 11, 2008

Pakistan spring forth from India’s can of worms

The ensuing madness that India have created has emboldened the Pakistan Cricket Board to request the ridiculous: Overturn the forfeited test.

Never mind the fact that it is only a year and a half late and unnecessarily re-opening old wounds, it’s just a bit daft. Can any imagine a possible world where the ICC would reverse its own rulings? Perhaps the key change in context is that subcontinental sides feel they can bully the ICC to do anything.

Well done India. You’ve completely cocked up international cricket. Nice one.

At the heart of this ridiculous series of events is the unsportsmanlike pressure behind the scenes. The ICC succumbed to Pakistan’s insistence that the ball tampering charges were dropped. Yet, despite the lack of any novel evidence to suggest that there was no interference with the ball and Daryl Hair’s maintained status as a “pukka bloke” by the ICC, the accusation was dropped.

Just how pathetic, derisible and shit the ICC is begs belief. Could they not foresee by granting Pakistan this impossible request that the PCB would inevitably move to annul that test match? Now the ICC has admitted that Inzy was right to protest a decision – so the match was unfairly forfeited. So, the only logical course of action is to annul the test.

Even though no new evidence has emerged and the ICC still considers Hair a reliable arbiter.

The ICC: installing confidence through incompetence.

I'd like to take this opportunity to honour my great blogging friend, the most unwormlike and tolerably opinionated J-Rod. If I had a real, live, proper cricket team, I'd definitely make him the side's photographer. Some of his shots are stunning.


Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

I guess great minds think alike, I just posted on this a few minutes ago. Is Pakistan feeling that left out that they need to bring this up NOW? I mean the ICC can't figure out which end is up on a good day, and now with Australia and India putting on a circus the ICC really has their heads spinning. I mean can't this wait? I will say Pakistan has an argument, I may not agree with it or say they will prevail, but they may be able to put up a good case. But to do it NOW?? Is there a deadline for this sort of thing?

Moses @ OxenShizer said...

Pakistan have a good point, let's all head back to the Oval and finish that game.

While we're at it, Murali's action was fine all along so we might as well replay all those games he was suspended for. Or at the very least drop the ones that Sri Lanka lost from the record books. Else India might boycott again.

The Atheist said...

I'm not happy with the 2006/07 result. We should replay that.

And perhaps a few other England series...

Moses @ OxenShizer said...

while we're at it can we replay the 2005 Ashes series? For good measure I'll invoke the sub-continental umpire choosing clause, sorry Aleem