Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sluggo strikes back

Some of you may have noticed that Bermuda have been losing to Kenya recently, indeed, they lost their three match series by three matches. An England-like effort.

Dwayne Leverock, aka “Sluggo”, did alright. He was Bermuda’s third highest wicket taking, taking seven at 20.57 apiece. Not bad really. Better than Ashley Giles, I’d wager. The Slugs also weighed in with a massive eight from his three innings.

Sadly, Kenya won through having more people with their name beginning with the letter “O”. At one stage, the boys in green had eight O-ies in their line up, with all four mainstream bowlers starting their name with O.

It was an awesome display of team spirit and playing as a unit. Bermuda never stood a chance.

Of course Sluggo, like the champion of old, did his best to stem the tide. Although his legs are sturdy and his shoulders broad, it was too much for this giant among men.

However, the Bermudans, in a moment of blasphemy, opted to leave Sluggo out in their match against the Ugandans. Their sacrilege was quickly rewarded with a defeat by 43 runs. Realising their blunder they restored this Greek God to his rightful place in the following match, and the Mighty Figure return match-winning figures of 2-36. Champion stuff.

But it is the loss in the ODIs that will hurt the most. I feel depressed, because Leverock is sad. We have a bond. A connection. I’m not sure his feats deserve God status, but, if he continues with these brave performances, my divine link will surely prove irresistible.

I love you Sluggo.

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Uncle J rod said...

Don't you think the other 3 Kenyans should change there name Yousuf Youhanna style.