Saturday, July 07, 2007

Man of mystery beats England

An individual, who is yet to reveal his identity to the cricketing public, took more wickets against the home team today. Mr ? took 3 more wickets at Trent Bridge to secure another victory for the Windies.

The West Indies beat England by 93 runs. They have taken some sort of trophy. I think all the players get new wives from Southampton, or something.

The match wasn’t all about England playing appallingly awful cricket. The better side deserved a well-earned victory. The Windies batted sensibly, placed the chasing side under pressure, and the Englanders cracked. Simple.

They also bowled better than us. This is not surprising since we only have one bower, and he was used for just 6 overs. And Dimitri Mascarenhas. What the hell is he supposed to be anyway? Chris Harris with more hair?

Being English, however, I can remain aloof from the vulgar one-day business. We won the test match series. And that’s all that matters (except when it comes to the Ashes – they’re just hype).

I really hope that these few beatings doesn’t result in another overhaul of the one-day squad. Yes, you can drop a few of the dibbly-dobblers that really, really have no influence on the game. But, like the test team, the ECB should be loyal to a set team and give it an opportunity to gel over the long term.

Of course, they won’t do this, will they? Why? Well, firstly, because they’re impressionable and secondly because they’re bastards.