Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Africa lose

Usually, the Africa vs. Asia series consists of good Asian players versus South Africa plus Steve Tikolo and a few token Zimbabweans. The latest batch of games rather felt like Shaun Pollock vs. Asia.

With 223 runs in his three games, he was the highest run scoring of either team. He nearly won a match single-handed, with a brilliant 130 at Bangalore, taking African to the very edge of victory in an impossible run chase.

But with the likes of Sanath Jayasuriya, Sourav Ganguly and Mohammad Yousuf coming in, the Africans were always going to struggle. With a pool of four test nations to select, compared to Africa’s one, it didn’t really seem fair.

The organisers should have tipped the balance by giving the Africans performance-enhancing drugs. Or maybe bigger bats? Although, judging by his deeds, it looks like Pollock was on something.

It would be interesting to see other continental matches: Europe vs. Australasia. We could assemble all the best players from Scotland and Holland. Mighty players like Mark Jonkman. Good ol’ Jonkers.

Actually forget I said that. Rubbish idea.

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Miss Field said...

I'm all for a Europe/Australasia contest... the thing is though, would any Kiwis actually make the squad?