Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The minnows fight back

Despite the efforts of the ten-fingered Jacob Oram, minnow Bangladesh consumed the big fish New Zealand.

Poor batting reduced New Zealand to 34 for 4, whereupon Oram added a steady 88 to leave them with 226. Bangladesh’s reply was solid, with Javed Omar and Tamim Iqbal putting on 85 for the first wicket. Thereafter, Bangladesh commanded the game. Mashrafe Mortaza finished the Black Caps off with 30 off 14 balls, striking three sixes, with an over to spare.

Clearly, the Kiwis didn’t really turn up to Bridgetown. They’re only Bangladesh, after all. But, this is the strength of the minnow: deceptive ability. They are not a push over, like Twickenham under-13s were, you must apply yourself to win. When international teams become complacent against such sides they lose.

All these little teams are trying hard to win and deserve respect from their opponents. To fail to give this respect teams run the risk of “doing a New Zealand”.

Minnows play to an international standard, only they do not contain the consistent quality of the bigger teams. It’s more like a football World Cup, with plucky Ghana trying to fell mighty Brazil. As such, minnows are an important part of the World Cup. Their presence diversifies the international cricket experience and makes it more interesting to a wider audience.

Let them play!


Amit Bajaj said...

i have this ugly feeling that one of these minnows is going to turn someone's applecart over...don't know who it's going to be..bangladesh may just beak lanka..someone will...all it needs is one match and they zoom into the super-eight and destroy icc's best laid plans!!

The Atheist said...

A comment! Well, that deserves a link!

Well, upsets are why the minnows are in the WC. It keeps it interesting, as well as improving the quality of international cricket.

Amit Bajaj said...

i wonder whether you are an atheist or a believer!!

thanks for the link man.