Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Ayalac curse strikes

I’ll try not to smug in this post. I’ll probably fail, but at least I’m trying.

So! The first blood is drawn. As per my prediction, the West Indies dispatched Pakistan. I even got some things right: Pakistan won the toss (although, contrary to my advice, chose to field); Mohammad Yousuf and Inzamam-ul-Haq contributed with the second and third highest scores; and, erm, Chanderpaul scored a century.

I wouldn’t read too much into this match, however. As two teams will go through to the next round, and there’s two ‘good’ sides in each group, the first stage is rather like a glorified warm-up. Even if there is an upset, the same old pros are sure to get through.

Still, I pity the poor Pakistan fans. Unlike England, they are packed with talent and should win matches. Unlike England, you don’t expect them to lose. And yet somehow they do. Hence, I was also amused to read the desperation in Omar’s blog. It was a lot more sweary than usual. These made me laugh, so let me share:

“Imran Nazir's …. is a fucking idiot. …Someone needs to bumjack him in the dressing room”

One shudders to think what this entails.

“What in the world was [Younis Khan] doing? Did you see that shot? What the fuck?”

Eventually, the laws of physics are attacked:

“Inzi was unlucky with the decision. I think it was going over the wicket. Fuck what Hawkeye says!”

However, as we all know, it was not science that stopped Pakistan, but my predictions. I have back the Windies. Fear my wrath all those that defy my champions!


Trapper John said...

Goodness. Your WI-PAK prediction, while completely off, was at the same time eerily accurate. It's almost as if you enjoyed so manner of divine guidance . . .

omar said...

Allow me to clarify my comment regarding Inzi's decision. WRT:

"Eventually, the laws of physics are attacked:

“Inzi was unlucky with the decision. I think it was going over the wicket. Fuck what Hawkeye says!”"

Hawkeye showed the ball as just clipping the top of the stump. It was one of those neither here, nor there type outcomes. Even WI fans would have been satisfied had Inzi not been given out. Anyway, crying over spilt milk is doing no one any good. But it was a close decision and could have gone either way.

Simon and Billy are awesome umpires, their decisions are usually always sound. I am going to name my new goldfish in their honor.

The Atheist said...

Ooh.. a new person! That's worth a link!

Clearly, you are jealous of my predicting skills. Ain't no law of physics strong enough to hault my powers!

Next time, I think I'll try and control the thoughts of the umpires.