Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spinners will run away with the World Cup

My prediction is that spinners will be the deciding factor in the World Cup. Contrary to generations of over-whelming fast-bowling success on Caribbean pitches, the World Cup will serve as a major turning point for West Indian and world cricket.

The pinch-hitter won the 1996 World Cup. The 2003 World Cup was won by the all-rounder. 2007 will be dominated by the spinner.

With most proper sides convinced of the necessity to have a few tidy overs from that young lefty, the slow bowler will finally prove his worth in ODIs. Once spectacular batsman will be constrained and bamboozled by overs of intelligent variety in spin and flight. This may result in the most crushingly boring World Cup of all time. But it’s a price worth paying if the spinners lead the way to this new era of tedious cricket.

Ones to watch:
- Chris Gayle. I think his bowling is much under-rated. To be honest, I think he should give up batting, and focus on his real talents. Will bowl Inzy around his legs.
- Monty. I’m not sure he’s as good as Gayle. But I like to watch him leap about. Will steal trophy, fending off attempted tackles, and will score an amazing try at the Pavilion End (see above).
- Vettori. Long over-due some success at this level. Will bore six English batsmen out.
- Kaneria. Apparently it was an "unexpected move" by the PCB to include this weird leggie in their campaign, but he will single-handedly beat the Windies by taking 7-22 in the early rounds.

Elevens to forget:

- South Africa and Australia will not make it to the Second Stage

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