Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sluggo soars, India roars

It’s the catch everyone is talking about. Sluggo launches himself into a Jonty Rhodes-like jump, soaring horizontally at full extension and seizes the ball the last possible moment. Poetry in motion.

Here’s what cricinfo had to say about this nimble take:

"Jones to Uthappa, OUT, OMG! what a catch by Dwayne Levorock! And what wild celebrations! Let no body say anymore that a fat man can't jump! Uthappa has a nervous poke, away from the body, at a length-delivery outside off stump. It flew to the right of Leverock hurled himself - hard to visualise, I am not lying but that's what happened- to his right and plucked it single-handed. And the celebrations followed. He ran off to nowhere in particular, changed directions and again went on a jig. The players mobbed him, few other went down in heap in midwicket in celebration. All over each other. Bermuda are overjoyed. The bowler is the bottom of that heap and hold on he is crying. Tears of joy! What a start!"

Sadly, despite this awesome display of athleticism, Bermuda received a thorough battering at the hands of the Indians. Interestingly, Virender Sehwag came up with the goods after a long spell of bad form, scoring 114 off 87. The Indians posted a World Cup record 413 off their 50 overs. Neat work.

Once again, the Bermudan batting lacked steel, and they folded for 156. However, Sluggo was promoted up the order, and contributed, with David Kemp, 44 for the ninth wicket. This made up, I suppose, for conceding 96 from his 10 overs.

But what a catch.


Mephistopheles said...

Your headline of Sluggo soaring is apt. But you should have qualified the India roaring part.

India can roar alright, only against the weakest team (okay, Netherlands might be the weakest team) in the tournament.

I will buy into the theme of India roaring if they manage to force their way deep into the tournament. Till then this victory means nothing.

The Atheist said...

Well, it's still looks impressive from the English fans' perspective. India comprehensively demolished Bermuda; whereas we struggled to finish off Canada.

Besides, roaring against minnows sends out a frightening message to others(like a scary lion-in-the-jungle roar*) and strengthens the team’s confidence (like a butch warrior-of-the-tribe roar).

I think that is definitely a good sign – especially after the Bangladesh fiasco.

*Lions not actually found in jungles.