Monday, January 17, 2011

Are Australia the new West Indies?

When I was a lad, I remember watching the 1995 West Indies tour of England. Little did I know at the time that I was witnessing a pivotal point in history. I was dimly aware of Windian dominance against England, but the well-fought draw did not itself suggest to me immanent collapse of the once strutting mega-stars.

I am now old enough to appreciate any such spectacles life throws at me today. I have experienced enough inevitable disappointments, sufficient certain disasters and a more than adequate amounts of predestined catastrophes to be able to spot future failures.

Now, as the Australian bunny blinks mindlessly back into my headlights, my mind quickly recalls the many fiascos in which it has participated, just before engaging the wind-screen wipers to remove the debris.

Unlike the current Australian side, the 1995 West Indies team had hope. They had some world class bowlers and a sprinkling of legendary batsman. Currently, Shane Watson has the role of Brian Lara.

But, it is difficult to see where the future lies for Australia. Much is made of the post 1986-7 cull, but who do they replace the old guard wife? Michael Beer and Phil Hughes?

No one wants to be captain. No one can captain.

No one can bowl, either. Not even Michael Beer.

There are glimmers of hope in the batting department. Much as there are glimmers of sanity in the Tea Party.

The only solution I can see is either scouring the English leagues for anyone who has a secret Australia shame in the bloodline – or a sun tan.

Or, merging with New Zealand. The Oceanic Islands may yet conquer the world.


Tony said...

Are Australia the new West Indies? I'll get back to you in 15 years.

Unknown said...

no i think the Austrila is the more better then west indies and you cannot compare the Australian to the West indies .

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Anonymous said...

Australia are the not the new West Indies nor are Pakistan the new Australia as this artcile would have us believe:

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certainly not but west indies is surely gona be the new australia :P

Cricket Gossips said...

Ozs are always Australians, without any doubt, they are better than w. indies

livescore said...

I don't think Australia will be the new West Indies, because Australia has too much potential in their local cricket and they have a number of players in their pipeline who can make Australia once again a world champion.

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