Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If you could stay awake, will you be able to stay awake?

So. The Ashes are here. Not a great surprise. Given that there are three other, probably more interesting series going on. Nevertheless, myopic parochialism has never stopped the British press before and there’s no point going back on it now.

The question is: how will you stay awake?

The BBC has a very useful guide. The most educational suggestion was in relation to strategic coffee taking. The idea behind this is that the you can stay away by taking frequent naps throughout the course of the evening. But, ensure that these are only 15-20 minutes in length.

As all siesta-takers will know: short is good.

The interesting trick is, however, to take coffee just before napping. Apparently, it comes into effect just about the time you are waking up, and therefore it stimulates you to once again to an attentive state.

I write this at 10:15. I am already thinking about bed.

Here’s to us not cocking up the toss.


Silk said...

I'm confused. I confidently expected to wake up this morning and find KP bowling with Aus 330-2, with Punter having bagged another bloody Ashes ton. I could then head off to work, safe in the knowledge that my beloved England were where I expected to be and that this years Ashes would take its usual course.

Or it seemed plausible (yet unlikely) that Stuart Broad would somehow have morphed into Michael Holding, and skittled an aged and jittery Aus side out for 180. I could then head off to work, safe in the knowledge that THE ASHES WERE COMING HOME and that Aus cricket would head into terminal decline like wot it did in '81

Instead, I find it's 220/5, Aus are batting like a bunch of nurdlers, England are bowling 'ok' and there's no clear signals (yet) as to how this Ashes will progress (other than that Strauss will, once again, flatter to deceive and find yet more ways to get himself out)

What's going on? Who's winning?

Cricket forums said...

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krishna said...

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