Thursday, June 24, 2010

If god was an Irishman…

…the world would look much as it does now.

England have discovered an incredible talent in their team. And it’s Ireland. Of someone of Irish dissent myself, I have long foreseen the Irish eventually embracing the archaic eccentricity of cricket. And perhaps Eoin Morgan’s rapid elevation to most valuable one-day asset will further spur the sport’s development in the Republic.

Even during the T20 World Cup, Morgan was England’s most prolific batsman, winning the match for them on more than one occasion. Now, his thunderous century against the Australian proves his world-class value.

England must be thinking that, much like KP, his prolific, if unorthodox, talent may translate to success at test level. Morgan has both the temperament and the ability to score a lot of runs, and surely our snobbishness about the shorter formats would do well to focus on these attributes.

Sadly, cricket rarely gets me excited these days. Let alone the increasingly tedious money-grabbing matches. But, that young Morgan gets me going, to be sure.


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

As someone of Irish decent myself, and after spending most of my school summer holidays over there, the thought of the (potentially) best limited overs batsman in the world being an Irishman is unbelievable to me.

The people there hated cricket when I was a youngster, all I ever heard was "why are you watching that crap" etc.

It's quite amazing that such a talent can come from a country with no real interest in the sport.

The recent success of the Irish team over the last 4-6 years can't have been Morgan's influence, as he would already have been playing.

Where, and with who who he learnt to play like that I don't know, but something cleary worked for him.

I would imagine there is a lot of county cricket scouts over there by now looking for the next Morgan, or finding out how he learnt to bat like that.

Hayley said...


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Binit said...

Irish may not watch cricket but Ireland cricket team is mighty good. better than most upcoming teams. I'm very sure if given regular chance, they'll be beating likes of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and even few test playing nations inside an year or so.

Eoin Morgan is only a hint of talent hidden in Ireland. England have found it, nurtured it and now benifiting from it.

What a dynamic batsman.