Tuesday, May 25, 2010

England cricket team form new government

Engorged with the flesh of their prey, England cricket team's blood-lust and thirst for power saw them attempt a coup which toppled the Con-Dem coalition.

As a rouse for respectability, David Cameron was appointed as puppet prime minister. Mimicking the successful Conservative Party strategy.

The Liberal Democrats were quickly swept aside by Side Bottom’s steady attack. Expert spin by Graeme Swann brought the opposition to mental disintegration.

“Please! Oh please!” supplicated a traduced Nick Clegg, “Oh please, Big Dave, can you help me get into power again. I don’t mind doing that thing that you like again.”

Yet Cameron was stuck on the back foot, his coalition partner was stumped and his own team consisted of red-meated thrashers that didn’t suit current conditions.

“Yes!” announced Cameron. “After much pretend soul-searching and mock consideration, I have decided that it is possible to sell my own party down the river, so long as I we can establish a joint commission on implementing a new selection policy which will recommend no change to the current policy of keeping Northerners out of the batting line-up.”

Foreign secretary Kevin Pietersen later released a press statement: “Do you want any copies made of that, Minister?”

Sources close to the Minister for Gingers believed that he responded with a hearty laugh.

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