Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why corruption is good for cricket

Seedy, dodgy, self-serving politicians have wronged us many times. Not as much as honest, benevolent politicians, mind.

On the whole, people in power look after their own, to the expense of the rest of us, and although this helpfully distracts them from the disastrous occupation of Trying To Do Good, sometimes executive malfeasance can guide the crooked like an invisible hand to inadvertently aid the general commonwealth.

Gordon Brown, for all his bad hand-writing sins has recently redeemed himself in my estimation by exercising cheap, petty revenge. It turns out that he’s no an insufferable do-gooder after all, but just as crafty, manipulative and scheming as the rest of us.

The Sun newspaper, a flag-waver for honest and responsible journalism, is owned by the delightful Murdoch family. After The Sun dropped its support for Brown to jump into the Tory bandwagon, the Premier plotted vengeance.

Conveniently, minutes after a recent telephone exchange between the British Prime Minister and Rupert Murdoch, an opportunity presented itself and Brown found a weakness: cricket.

Still red-faced with vengeful thoughts, the tottering Government announced a re-think on broadcasting rights of British sporting “crown jewels”, taking away Sky’s monopoly of cricket broadcasting, only minutes (MINUTES) after the conference. Sky, least we forget, is also a Murdoch family asset. The Culture Department re-categorised domestic Ashes matches as a free-to-air television event, stripping away one of Sky Sport’s flagships.

The ECB, deep in the pockets of Sky, announced that they will lose £100 million. But we must remember that the ECB are also a pack of wankers.

One can only assume that, in the fading days of power, the real Brown will emerge to royally screw everyone that ever ticked him off over the past fifty years. And, to be honest, would we want to see power used in any other way?

So, 2013, it may be a return to the sofas from our summer-time occupations of tennis and footy in the park, all for the sake of encouraging sport. It is excellent news for cricket fans that are too bloody minded to give Murdoch a penny.

Let us all thank the lord for his gift of emotionally immature and nasty politicians.


Cricket Betting Blog said...
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Cricket Betting Blog said...

Not convinced that it is revenge on the part of Gordon Brown, but it is an amusing sub plot which I'm sure Giles Clarke and his ECB cronies will use as part of their defence.

For me it is a problem of Clarke's own making. Had he offered 'free-to-air' TV an affordable package at the last bidding rights then he wouldn't have created this situation.

Yes the Sky money is great and I think the decision would be wrong if they do take all the home Ashes test from them.

But the exposure of cricket to the majority of the population in some shape or form should always be gaurenteed instead of chasing Sky's cheque and sod the rest as the ECB shamefully did.

Anonymous said...

The ECB are definitely a pack of wankers, plus the public in England only want to watch cricket when their team is winning. It all looks good now that the English have our little Ashes urn, but once we have won it back again (5-0 mind), interest will be lost once again.



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