Monday, July 27, 2009

Name that Bum #18 Answer

A bit of a poor showing by the bummers this week. Although, all was recovered with Samir Chopra's determined insistence that the bum before him was left handed. Here's his reasoning:

"Something about the body-language,the way the player is leaning so slightly to the left. Its not an exact science, but I'm willing to put a fiver down on it. At the very least, I'd say the player bowls or bats left."

The answer, I'm afraid to say was Mark Ramprakash.
And here he is, modestly masking his mighty rump.

Congratulations go to the The Old Batsman, whose prize is a picture with himself, with himself hiding in his own beard.
Tune in next time to see if you can...NAME THAT BUM.


Catherine said...

It is obvious I will never be able to name that bum.

The Atheist said...

Catherine, don't give up now, I feel your bum powers rising.

With plenty of practice you can be the champion. The Old Batsman is only successful because of the dedication he puts into his long bumming sessions.

Samir Chopra said...

Argh crap! I thought I would strike a blow for vague, unscientific theorizing, but it all came to nought. Curses and damnation.

The Old Batsman said...

Thanks, I'd just like to say that I've been working really hard on my bumming this season, and this was the opportunity for me to prove that I've got what it takes at this level of bummery. In the past I'd been seeing the bums pretty well, but then I'd just make a loose identification without going on to make that really big bum, but I'd been bumming them really well in practice and all the lads have been right behind me.

The Old Batsman said...

And the prize... what can I say? Britain has got talent.

Catherine said...

Haha I love your summary Old Batsman and thanks for the support Atheist. It seems I will live to bum another day as the EBB have renewed my central contract, despite my poor performances.