Thursday, June 04, 2009


The news has rocked the world to its very core. The last a report to have such a deep impact, was the news of Margaret Beckett’s unsuccessful claim to put hanging plants on expenses.

I’m afraid to say that the titan of turn, mastication of rotation, girth of the turf, the battalion of Bermuda, he who breakfasts on batsman himself, Sluggo aka “Dwayne Leverock” has announced his retirement.

In a tearful statement to a stunned universe, the buxom Bermudan stated:

"There comes a time in your career when you need to take a step back. You've given all you can and your body sometimes tells you, with the aches and pains after games, that it is time to slow down. Even though my heart is still in it, the body says slow down.”

Indeed, there is no player out there that stretched the limits of physical fitness like this stout spinner. His body was under twice the strain than any normal, lesser man.

The truth is that after Bermuda lost their ODI status, the backwaters of ICC associate cricket lacked the excitement to feed the big man’s immense appetite.

"It has meant so much to me to have people recognize me for who I am as an athlete,"

His fine, distinctive figure on the field will be dearly missed. Goodbye pork pie bat.


Cricket Tragic said...

Haha, can't forget that catch, ever! That was the only bright light in the world cup that year! honestly, it's guys like Sluggo that gives us chubby guys the guts to use every sinew in our body! :P

Another funny thing involving sluggo, this TenSports guy, Mike Haysman, had gone to Bermuda to check out on Sluggo @ his police station. He had a couple of words with Sluggo and then got handcuffed by him and sent to prison! :D

always said...

Hey.. Every Indian remembers Dwayne and his stunner catch... The cop was a team in himself... I will surely miss him if at all India plays Bermuda again..

Som said...

we'll miss you Sluggo.