Friday, March 06, 2009

Name That Bum #17: Answer

The answer to yesterday's tricky bum was, of course, that man Shoaib Akhtar. Here is His Bummliness in full flight: The winner was Spigot of 2.4 children fame. Well done to him, and here's his financial crisis themed reward:

Oh Mister Spiggles,
You are a god,
Like Botham or Biggles,
Or Unkie J Rod,

From you, insipration flows
To a high level of prob.
Presumably, though,
You still have a job

Tune in next week to see if you can... NAME THAT BUM.


Spigot said...

Botham? I want my money back!

But thank you, very kind as usual.

Anonymous said...

cricket sucks. i know this as i saw it once.

I'm selecting anonymous. guess who jonnay!

The Atheist said...


butter said...

shoaib akhtar-- cool