Sunday, July 27, 2008

Middlesex, despite their wives, win

Middlesex, seat of ancient Twickeneese power, won the twenty20 championship.

When I was growing up, I am ashamed to admit, I mocked my Middlesex heritage. Being a strong Somerset fan through and through, me and my learned school associates laughed at the London county’s last three letters.

Oh how we laughed.

But now, I can feel proud that the county that provided me with a mediocre education and high office as local paper boy can produce players of such quality.

Players such as Murali Kartik, who learnt his cricket as a young lad on Twickenham Green. Players like Tyron Henderson: born and bred in Isleworth Estate. And players like Dirk Nannes: conceived in the Prince Blücher pub.

Their victory will ensure spiritual and perhaps some financial happiness with their playing of a series of Stanford matches in the Caribbean (including a game against England) and their inclusion into the Champions League, where they will play against Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Although, these plans may be stymied by Ed Joyce’s wife-to-be, who has “put a spanner in the works” by agreeing to marry the stand-in Middlesex captain.

He wasn’t the only one with trouble with ‘er indoors, as Shaun Udal revealed that “the wife has probably spent [the prize money] already.”

It is a testament to the strong team ethos that the Middlesexians can triumph even though they are married to an inconsiderate gaggle of bastards. It brings a tear to the eye.

Well done boys. We’ll celebrate hard in the Blücher tonight.


Dave said...

Glory hunter!

The Atheist said...

Hey! I spent years living in Middlesex. Decades, even.

Although Somerset will always be my home, allow a man an excuse to get plastered.