Thursday, June 26, 2008

One dayers, briefly, get fantastic

I missed a key issue in yesterday’s ODI between England and New Zealand.

Of course, there was the whole “I am a right twat, me” thing with Paul Collingwood. In case you didn’t hear: a Kiwi runner was downed by an England bowler, resulting in his losing his verticality, the use of the left side of his body and his wicket.

Of course, it was a hilarious incident, especially when the full extent of his injuries was revealed, but it displayed a rather unseemly element to the England captain’s game.

Despite the fact that the umpire repeatedly asked if Collingwood would like to withdraw his appeal, he claims that it was a “split second decision”. We claimed he was a twat.

In fairness, it probably was an unthinking moment of stupidity, where any appeals to reason by the umpire were drowned up by the cricketer’s usual ridiculously high levels of elation after taking a wicket.

You might say that this distinguishes international players from international captains, and that Collingwood isn’t really captaincy material. You might say something different.

In any case, the key moment of this match was just after the last ball, when the New Zealand captain lost it completely. After the Kiwis one he did this:

Leap around like a maddy, pointing at the English.

And he said this:

“Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you all!” at the English.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen it. Oh, how I wish all teams could do that after winning. The MCC should put it in the rules.

That a professional sportsman can sink to the level of a jeering darts player, after winning his local pub’s drunken competition against his ex-wife gives hope to us all.


Anonymous said...

I am also surprised that the English media haven't picked up on this at all. So Collingwood and Vettori had one brain explosion each. But you must agree with me that Vettori's was much funnier. In fact, the entire team was pointing to the English support team, including that youngster Tim Southee.

To be serious I think this attitude is due to the stink of Braces, that belligerent enigma who's more interested in organising his contract with Gloucestershire than returning home with the team after this series.

Straight Point said...

both colly and daniel did what the did in the spirit of MCC's dead-by-now-spirit-of-the-game...

i dont know why some perverts like us want it to bring to life from its long forgotten grave?

Miriam said...

The incident is still on my Skyplus. I think I'd better press the blue "never to be deleted" button on it.

Miss Field said...

Oh Miriam, I wish I had access to your Skyplus.

That sounds a bit wrong really.