Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Somerset wins, or so it seems!

Hurrah! In possibly the best news since VJ day, the best county in the land secured victory in the Second Division of the county championship, and thus earned promotion to the land of the big boys.

Actually, Somerset managed this a few weeks ago, such was their dominance. They won the championship with a massive 266 points, and about a jillion games to spare. They only lost one game, as well.

Indeed, so impressive was their performance, that we might be tempted to suppose that the West Country Heroes were perhaps the best side this season. Sadly, we will never know, because Somerset were in the wrong division.

It reflects badly on the county system, when the best side in the championship cannot prove their supremacy. Indeed, Somerset earned the wooden spoon last year around, perhaps this is just a blip?

But blips is what the English domestic season does best. The seemingly inexplicable ebb and flow of county fortunes is part of its attraction. Once useless sides like Durham advance into mature, assertive forces, whereas champions, such as Nottinghamshire, quickly fade into obscurity.

Such an unpredictable scene does not lend itself well to the two-division model. But, undoubtedly given the increasing number of limited-overs commitments, it is here to stay. Next year, maybe Somerset can retain their authority and crush all those that dare to challenge their might.

Hurrah for Somerset! Hurrah! Hurrah!


Uncle J rod said...

I bet langers speech was top notch.

The Atheist said...

Here it is in fall.

"I'm really pleased for the boys. We tried really hard. We practiced hard. And we came through. It was hard. But good. It's always good to win. Especially when we have practiced so hard. I love this part of the world. It's great! Everyone is so nice! And, what's better, next year by fee goes up."

Unusually for sportsman, he has a gift for words.

Uncle J rod said...

I'm really hard and pleased with how good and hard the boys are today. Its good to be hard and good i say. Practiced hard hard, good good, hard hard boys Practiced.