Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jayasuriya: old but good

Today’s update comes rather late. I just went to a gruelling job interview. They gruelled me just as much as they grilled me. I am feeling a bit too tired to blog.

Not that any of you care. You unfeeling bastards.

I was going to write a bit about Pakistan, seeing as there is so much going on there. But I think this issue has been examined more than enough elsewhere, and it is a bit sad, too.

So, let’s talk about Sanath Jayasuriya. What a guy. He’s old enough to be my ancestor, and yet he manages 109 off 87. OK – it was against Bangladesh and all the Sri Lankans were scoring freely, but this is still an impressive performance from the old war horse. Plus, at the time of writing, the supposedly “good” batsmen of Bangladesh are being torn apart (42-5). Anyway, here's the scorecard...I only hope the Tigers don't turn the game around by the time you read this. I wouldn't want to look silly now.

Sri Lanka are the dark horses of the tournament. They have quietly been getting on with low-key, yet impressive victories. Here’s a record its campaign so far:

  • Beat Scotland by 159 runs, bowling the Scots out for 135.
  • Only just lost to New Zealand.
  • Tonked Bermuda by 243 runs.

Admittedly, they have only played minnows, and the one time they were genuinely tested they lost. But, in warm ups it’s not a question of who, but how. Their victories have been confident and unwavering, and their loss was fought tooth and nail. There don’t seem to be many question marks in the team, and all disciplines seem to be functioning effectively. Moreover, they finally have an influential all-rounder in the form of Farfeez Maharoof, making them into a very complete side.

Saying that, I still feel claims of their regaining the trophy are still fanciful, but I would back them to get into the semi-finals. Perhaps they will lose to South Africa, to meet the Windies in the final. I’m still backing the West Indies to win. They will do it. They will do it for me, because they read my blogs. Now that you have read the end of this entry, you too should do something constructive, like do some filing, or give to charity. Go on. Do it.


Trapper John said...

SL is going to be tough to beat, as we saw today. I fear that India will be sharing a charter back to the subcontinent with Pakistan (that is, if the Pakistan players are allowed to leave Jamaica).

I'm happy that I got SL at a very fair price a couple months ago. Could come in handily.

Mephistopheles said...

Yup. Sri Lanka looks good. India has a tough job ahead. This is their knock out game. If they lose, they are out. But, if they win...let's not go there yet.

Hope you get the job (that is, if you want to spend the rest of your life slaving away...)

The Atheist said...

Well, I don't mind working, as long as they pay me enough, and this job certainly does that.

All of you have missed the vital point of my post: no matter how good the Sri Lankans are, the Windies will beat them. Because I told them to.

Did you do something productive, like I said?

Mephistopheles said...

I am glad you cleared that up Atheist. I was wondering why SL had to lose. Now, I know.

If by being productive, you mean leaving comments on blog sites nurtured by unemployed (as of now) bloggers, then, yes I have been very productive.