Sunday, February 27, 2011

England and India amazing things - none of them matter

England and India did amazing things in a way that never could have come about in a T20 match. Yesterday’s match had laughter and tears. Both sets of fans enjoyed the pleasures snatching victory from the jaws of defeat… before allowing the other side to claw their way back again. And then it all went horribly agreeable.

Unfortunately – much like a political compromise – a tie left both sides feeling disappointed. “Oh” we all collectively thought, “so we didn’t win”.

Interestingly, the match, despite its drama, was still meaningless. Both sides will probably qualify. So. It was all just a waste of everyone’s time, really.

The match did show simply the relative ineptness of the bowling. Aside from Zaheer’s moment of maddeningness and Bresnan’s tedious reliability, neither time has sufficient firepower to blast their way to the world cup.

Sachin Tendulkar, though, eh? Fluky bloody bastard.


More Than Just A Game said...

Sachin's and Strauss's innings were gems. The bowling was - horrific to say the least. I did put up a quick analysis on my blog, do have a look if you get time!


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Cricket Gossips said...

India will whitewash in this october series with 5-0

Cricket Life Forum said...

None of the teams can win away from home, anyways visit my Cricket forum and check it out how it is.

livescore said...

England cricket team have to work very hard to show themselves like Indian cricket team because England cricket can't play in Asia as they can play in west.

Addictive web games said...

englang is so well team ,but india is also a well team ,india lack of bowling power otherwise we are best

livescore said...

It is my personal observation that England cricket team can win in other countries easily specially in Asia when there is summer because they can't play well in hot weather however Indian cricket team is better then England's cricket team.

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